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    A summer weekend break at Buffalo Castle in Le Perche – Around our Table workshops #5

    July 11, 2017

    A couple of weeks ago we ran our first workshop over a full weekend with Ophélie. Two full days and two nights away from Paris, secluded in the country side working on styling, food photography and story telling.

    When we found the Buffalo castle we fell in love with it straight away.  It is a family castle hidden within a beautiful forest and was the perfect setting, not to mention its grand kitchen. Set over three floors with magnificent views, we made it our home for the weekend. We filled the workshop with many activities for our attendees including a stroll at the local market in the cute little town of Verneuil-sur-Avre. 

    Even today it’s still hard for me to put words on all the emotions I went through during the weekend. In the end, it was beyond anything I ever imagined. After all the stress we went through to take care of our talented and inspiring group of ladies, it was such a heartwarming reward to see them leaving with a big smile on their face. It was hard to see them leaving, and the castle felt very empty afterwards…

    Here is the visual story of our intense weekend packed with laughter, sharing, learning, good food…

    Linen table cloth – Linen napkinsGlassware – La Redoute Intérieurs

    Artisan jams by O Jardin Sucré – Strawberry bonanza : rose, rhubarb, lemon & black pepper

    Country cutlery and plates by La Redoute Interieurs

     Cherry tomato tatin tart with basil and stracciatella by Mégane set on a china cake stand by La Redoute Interieurs


    Market day in Verneuil-sur-Avre

    Our dear Jodi treated us with these beautiful (and massive) king prawns. She cooked them in a pan with a simple sauce made of butter, garlic and parsley. They were such a delicacy. Thank you so much again Jodi!


    Cake styling by Linda (Hinalys)


    A summer picnic

    Thé Glacé Tropical – Palais des Thés

    Frittata with asparagus, beans and feta. The base recipe can be found here and you just add any seasonal veggies.

    Picnic blanketTerracota napkinsTwo colour ceramic jug by La Redoute Interieurs


    No bake red berries cheesecake

    Prepared & styled by our duo Hanh and Deniz based as part of one of their assignements.


    2 Tbsp sugar
    10-12 shortbreads La Trinitaine
    4 Tbsp butter, melted
    300g cream cheese
    1 cup icing sugar
    1 tsp. vanilla extract
    250g fresh red berries (strawberries, raspberries, cherries)


    Mix the shortbread crumbs with butter and sugar.
    Beat the cream cheese with your electric mixer until smooth. Add icing sugar.
    Whip the cream with vanilla extract but not too firm. Then fold into the sugar & cream cheese mixture.
    To assemble, start with a layer of the shortbreads mixture at the bottom, then cover with the cream mixture and decorate the top with fresh fruits.


    The art of chiaroscuro by Amandine L’hyver

    Cake stand by La Redoute Interiors – small ceramic bowl by Véronique Rigaudie

    Brocante shopping styling by Nathalie


    Thousand thanks to our dear friends:

    Mégane who is an amazing cook (and photographer too),

    Amandine who is a master at chiaroscuro, you got us all hooked !

    & Linda who is a great pastry chef and prepared for us a layer cake, pies and brioche.

    Thanks to all of you we got to eat scrumptious food throughout the weekend. You are all so talented. 



    Vaisselle vieux rose collection Gogain – La Redoute Intérieurs


    Thanks to our generous sponsors we managed to bring another sublime touch to our workshop:

    La Redoute Intérieurs brought to us a lovely selection of tableware, glassware, cutlery and linens: simple and romantic.
    Palais des thés, a tea house we have been loving with Ophélie for a few years, provided us with a great selection of teas to drink at different times of the weekend and a sample for our attendees to bring home.
    Café Lomi got us hooked with fragrant coffee for our breakfasts (it was gone all too quickly!)
    O Jardin Sucré, Marie, our favourite artisan jam maker, offered us a beautiful selection of her delicious strawberry jams with surprising seasonal flavours.
    Opinel has been supporting us since the beginning with their aesthetic and quality knives, this time provided slim pocket knives as goodies.
    La Trinitaine and their yummy shortbreads which ended as good base for our no bake red berries cheesecake recipe (see above).

    Thank you!

    It was all about photography after all!

    Teaching & shooting + a White sangria by Ophélie – glass candy box by La Redoute Interieurs


    Last but not least a big thank you to the Castle’s keeper who was not only a very good professional but also a nice and very helpful person before, during and after the workshop.

    Our next Food photography workshop

    Check out more photos on Instagram with the hashtag #AroundOurtTableWorkshops or follow our adventures and stay tuned on our Instagram profile ou Facebook page.

    In the vineyards (Food & Wine) – 19th to 22nd of October 2017

    The venue is beautiful and we are planning so many great things to do, including some cooking and wine tasting. We hope you can join us!

    For more info and bookings, email us at

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