{journal} New Year: new projects!

January 16, 2015

2014 has been a busy year as I have been settings ground for new challenges which will happen in 2015. This was mainly triggered by my trip back to Australia after 5 years and new friends I met this year. The first one was to decide to quit my job which was taking too much of my time and energy preventing me from doing the things I love: cooking, photography, music and exercise (updating my blog which I have now realised it had been over a year without any new post). I have also started to do more sewing and textile design. Yes I am a bit hyperactive! In short I developed a new creative direction to focus on new exciting projects. What a year!

After catching up with my friends after so long in Sydney and discovering a tiny part of Tasmania (see my previous posts), I went to visit Paros Island in the Greek Cyclades for Easter. It is a cute little island and despite chilly nights it was beautiful with all flowers.

In June I attended my good friend Camille’s wedding in Italy. It was such a beautiful set up by the Maggiore Lake with wonderful weather. I was enchanted by the scent of jasmine which were all blossomed and it was nice to catch up with old colleagues and friends I hadn’t seen for ages.



In September I was back in Crete for another intense week of yoga. It was too short as usual but I had great moments with my Mum, her cousin Dany, my friend Marianne and my teacher and friend Kristina. I was not in my best outfit but we had so much fun during our photo shoot at Agios Pavlos on the Southern shore of the island. The view is stunning down there. Finally we ended our trip by visiting Loutro, a small village which can be only reached by boat or by foot, made of white and blues.




After that I have been focusing to do more photography work around food including great photo shoots with Marie and Emeline, the two owners of London French Kitchen, the soon to be French cookery school in London and Skye, the author for the blog ‘From my dining table‘ (photos on the portfolio site to come soon). I have also published a new food story about a French organic farm in Toulouse. Next episode in the spring for more colourful veggies!

Watch this space for new stories, moments and events to come soon this year. The first stop of my photographic journey will be Venice in 10 days from now! It will be my very first time there so I am very excited, also because I am going with fellow friends photographers. I will update my blog as soon as I am back!

I wish all your dreams come true but keep a good health first. Happy New Year everyone!

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