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March 8, 2015

This weekend I felt a bit nostalgic when rediscovering this far breton recipe in my favourite French magazine Saveurs. I had not eaten any in years!

The far breton is an egg pudding from Bretagne (Brittany). It was a traditional basic and cheap dish made in the oven with no prunes. It was originally baked in a bag and not in a pie dish. Prunes were added later. Nowadays it is usually sold by the slice in most bakeries in France. It is nice to have for breakfast or afternoon tea.

This is an easy and warming recipe to make for yourself and fun to do with your children if you want to initiate them to some baking and breaking eggs!


Prep time: 10min – Cooking time: 50min – 4 to 6 portions



500ml milk

100g white flour

100g sugar

2 eggs

8-10 prunes/dried plums (pitted) – pruneaux (in French)

a bit of salted butter for the baking dish



Pre-heat the oven at 180 °C.

Pour the milk into a pan and warm it up (medium heat).

Mix well the sugar and flour and dig a little hole in the centre. Add the eggs one by one and mix with a wooden spoon. Then add the warm milk on the dough and keep stirring.

Grease the baking dish (medium size) with the salted butter, then place the prunes at the bottom and pour the milk mix slowly on top. Try not to fill the dish higher than 1.5cm from the top as the pudding will raise whilst cooking.

Bake for around 50 minutes. You can protect the pudding with a baking sheet to avoid it from over “browning” if you see it happening.

Let cool (in the fridge) for a couple of hours before serving.



Some recipes mention to soak the prunes in water, rhum or calvados wilst preparing the mix, I did not. You can give it a try and see what you prefer in terms of flavour.

You could replace prunes by raisins/sultanas or even apples.

If you wanted a savoury version of this pudding you could use buckwheat flour. The pudding is then served as a side to meats with sauce.


Props: white plate by The White Company / enamel pie dish by Falcon (20cm) / white and blue tea towel by Ikea / ceramic egg holder by Anthropologie / small mixing glass bowls by Duralex / 1/4l glass jar by Weck / Dickins & Jones batter jug found at House of Fraser / olive wood spoon found on the Naturally Med website/ beige tea towel found in Hobart, Tasmania and made by a local designer / vintage knife bought at the Natural Kitchen in London / vintage spoon found in my Mum’s kitchen!


Hope you have enjoyed this traditional French food recipe!

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