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The Parisian Kitchen and cannelés for tea time

November 26, 2016
the parisian kitchen

The other day, I went for a delicious lunch with Ophélie and met the lovely Bénédicte, who runs The Parisian Kitchen, that is she offers French cooking classes in her own home. She greeted us with a delicious morning tea, everything home made of course! Her flat is beautifully decorated (I loved the fireplace mantelpiece) and bathed with gorgeous light (even on a grey day) thanks to three large windows. Here are some pictures of this day full of generous food and sharing experiences !



First we went food shopping in the nearby rue de Lévis which is well known for its every day food market. Then we got on to cooking! 



The menu was all about pumpkins!

Our lunch consisted of 3 courses: Pumpkin soufflé as entrée, then a pumpkin risotto with sage for the main and a crème brûlée with butternut for dessert.

I have to say I had my reservations with the crème brûlée as it is my least favourite dessert in the French classics. However I was surprised and enjoyed really much the slightly different texture and taste thanks to the pumpkin. Bénédicte you almost reconciled me with the crème brûlée!

Ophélie is sharing all the recipes on her blog (in French) with beautiful images too.






Bénédicte has also agreed to share with us her family recipe for the cannelés, the ones we had for tea. So there it is!


Cannelés recipe

For 16 to 20 pieces

Preparation : 15 min / Rest : 12h mini / Baking : 50 to 60 min
Mix 250 g of sugar + 100 g of flour
Whisk 2 eggs + 2 yolks then add to the sugar-flour mixture.
Heat 50cl of full fat milk until hot, add to the mixture:
+ 25 g of melted butter
+ 10g of vanilla flavoured sugar
+ 1 Tbsp of rum (optional)

The dough needs to rest so keep it in the fridge at least 12 h. This step should never be skipped!

Take the mixture out of the fridge.
Wait until the dough is back at room temperature, whisk again before pouring.
Fill the cannelés molds up to 2/3 high (use a bottle or a piston funnel, it is easier)
Bake for 1 hour at 200 °C / 390 °F (fan forced). Wait for the cannelés to have cooled before taking them out of the molds, otherwise they will collapse.
(The mini cannelés bake for only 50 minutes).
The cannelés can be frozen: thaw for 5 minutes in the oven at 200 °C / 390 °F (fan forced).




Bénédicte is a great cook and enjoy sharing her passion for food. So if your are visiting Paris, take the time to go and cook with her. You won’t regret it!

Last but not least, we are preparing an event with Ophélie and Bénédicte for you to attend in the spring next year so stay tuned!


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