Modern handmade ceramics for a beautiful kitchen & table

May 28, 2018
jo norton ceramics

At home, Mum always used to dress beautiful tables whenever there was a dinner party with friends. Her style quite classic but yet elegant like her own mother. We had a big collection of different sets from Gien, including the ones we inherited from one of my grand mothers. One Christmas, a couple years after I moved out, I received a set of plates from Gien too. So I was all geared up to dress a nice table & my love for beautiful props had started!

Then, during my years of living abroad & travelling, I started a collection of different ceramic bowls, cups and plates, which has grown quite big and eclectic over the years. Sadly a few have ended broken along the way, some I have managed to re-glue… I guess if you use your props you take that risk.

I have met several talented ceramists, in France, in the UK, in Australia and other places. Others I regularly chat with via Instagram and hope to meet one day… Without being materialistic, I value handmade ceramics for their durability & their aesthetics plus they make your table unique. I support makers as this know-how should continue to be valued & shared.

There is a story behind each prop I own. They are part of my everyday life. I also love mixing modern ceramics with vintage plates when I set my table. So here is a small overview of the artists that I particularly love (some you already have seen in previous articles).

Sytch Farm studios, UK

sytch farm s

See a previous article about Gill’s work here and a chocolate cake here.

Studio Enti, NSW, Australia

studio enti ceramics

Cécile Cayrol, Arles, France

Laurette Broll, Paris, France

laurette broll ceramics

croquant noisettes caramel

Malo Atelier, St Etienne, France

yellow split peas

malo atelier ceramics

Bridget Bodenham, VIC, Australia

bridget bodenham ceramics

Plus the clotted spoon in the image below with the colander.

Jo Norton, QLD, Australia

jo norton ceramics

jo norton ceramics

jo norton ceramics

Sifnos Stoneware, Sifnos, Cyclades, Greece

barley vegetable pilaf

More talented ceramists (in no particular order)

Doceramica, you can find a beautiful article on Ophélie’s blog here (in French).

Sabrina Binda, she offers workshops in her studio on Tinos island, Greece

Kim Verbeke

enw céramique

Myrto Zirini

Marion Graux

Now pottery

Marilyn Vince, she offers classes in her studio Terres d’Issy, in Issy-les-Moulineaux close to Paris

Julie Tzanni


Veronique Rigaudié

1220 Ceramic Studio with Etsy online shop here. You can read more about in the online magazine Telavian here.

Olive Cerâmica

Margarida Fabrica

and so many more!!!!

In the blog archives, you can also read about Frosso Bora’s work here. She works a lot with the Raku technique.

Enjoy your week!

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