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Greek spinach pie & a trip to the Cretan mountains

June 11, 2018

Last month I went back to Crete to research different venues that took me to different villages in the Cretan mountains. The first one, Anogia, where there was a long lasting tradition of weaving, proved to be cold and not super friendly. I found two women still weaving on traditional looms but a lot of fabric pieces sold there are industrially made and not in Anogia. So be careful if you go and what you buy. Despite the beautiful scenic views, I did not feel very comfortable, so I left to go back to the shore and meet my friends at the phyllo workshop in Rethymno.


Milia, secluded into the western mountains, was a much more welcoming place. The old stone house village has been renovated and transformed into a guest house. Perfect for those who look for quietness. The food is excellent & made with organic local ingredients.


Phyllo pastry & spanakopita

I spent again some time taking more photos whilst Yiorgos was making “angel hair”  or kataifi in Greek, chatting and eating baklavas they make.

Then I had the idea of making the Greek spinach pie (Spanakopita) and try their phyllo pastry as I this is my favorite pie when in Greece. Paris kindly offered me 500g of phyllo pastry on the morning I was due to fly back and I carefully brought it back home with feta & organic avocados among other things!

The next day I was at my friend’s Héloïse (Miss Maggie’s Kitchen) and we prepared the spanakopita together following Magda’s recipe available on her blog here: My Little Expat Kitchen. We had a feast for lunch!

If your baker does not make phyllo pastry, you can find it in supermarkets in the deli or frozen sections.

See my old post about the Hatziparaskos family here.

Have a nice week!

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  • Reply Amanda Bidirini September 21, 2018 at 10:50 am

    Beautiful Photos Sandrine! How lucky you are to have a contact whom still makes traditional phillo pastry! Just love spanakopita too!

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