Pastry class

rustic blood orange tart

For each season there is a tart or a pie!

I love baking tarts and pies at any time of the year with seasonal fruit. My favorite ones are the lemon meringue pie and the apple tart. There is even a story in my family with my grandpa being obsessed for many years to try to find again the amazing taste of a specific apple tart he ate in a restaurant one day but in vain…

So it came naturally to me that I wanted to share some of my recipes with you. 

Come to my little cosy flat in Montmartre after a nice walk (or I should say hike) in the area for a 2 hour-baking afternoon session.


What? Learn how to make a tart or pie with seasonal fruit

Depending on the season we can bake any of these:

Apple tart or Tatin tart
or lemon meringue pie
or plum or pear almond tart
or peach/apricot galette
or raspberry with whipped cream handpies

and Almond friands (financiers)

Last but not least, we will be tasting together what we baked with tea or coffee.

When? available on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons

How long? 2 hours (from 2 to 4pm)

Minimum booking: 2 people


I am using different flours for my pastry bases, please let me know ahead if you require gluten free.

Availabilities and bookings available here.

cherry pie

rustic blood orange tart

rustic apple caramel pie

plums almond tart

Photo credits : photo of me by Ophélie Lauret – photos of my hands and rolling pin by Marjolaine Daguerre