{artisans} violin maker in Seattle

May 19, 2013

During my stay in Seattle last month, I organised to meet David Van Zandt, violin maker.  I have always been fascinated by handmade products and little did I know about creating a violin. When I played music as a teenager, I was never really interested in trying out this instrument. But spending time with David and learning about the different stages was awe inspiring.

David has been making violins since 1980 and currently works in the basement of his house. His workshop is filled with beautiful natural light and is amazingly tidy. Every tool has its own spot! Although the violin David was working on, was at its early stage during my visit, it was mesmerising to see him working on different pieces. Carving wood requires precision and patience: altogether it takes about 2 months to make a single violin. David’s favourite part: carving the scroll first.

violin maker BW_light (7 of 9)violin maker BW_light (9 of 9)violin maker BW_light (3 of 9)

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