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Farm to table: le Potager de Stéphanie

December 30, 2014
organic farm

Last month as I was staying at my brother’s in Toulouse, we took the opportunity to visit the organic farm who supplies him with a basket full of mixed seasonal fruits and vegetables. The drive through the countryside to get their farm was absolutely gorgeous not to mention the typical houses with their local architecture made of red bricks. Unfortunately I dont have any photos this time as my brother was driving too fast!!

Stephanie and Xavier have been building this organic farm for the last decade. Every week they prepare and deliver directly to consumers like my brother to their office or their home. Their baskets follow the seasons and offer a great variety. Their business has been growing so much that their have now an extra big parcel of land, which we did not get to see this time. We spent some time dsicussing about vegetables (of course) and their business in the main greenhouse which was very green at this time of the year: herbs, salads, fennels, turnips but also beetroots! One question they often have from their clients: “how do we cook this or that?” But it is difficult for them to write a blog with recipes…as the work at the farm leaves them no extra time.

Since last winter, they have managed to fund (through crowdfunding) a new robot called Oz which assists them for weeding and harvesting in full autonomy. It was developed by the team of Naïo Technologies, after three years of trials on the farm, to respect the norms for organic farming and therefore non intrusive for the environment and respectful of veggies.

We also visited the nursery which is the necessary step before the green house. The big stock of squash and pumpkins was stored in another shed. “Not easy to give a slice every week as people get bored of it!” Luckily hens are here to finish some bits of the non salable production! So if you ask you can aslo get free range eggs in your basket.

All along whilst we were chatting, Xavier was preparing us a nice little basket: cutting and showing us proudly his beautiful vegetables and then invited to stay for an impromptu aperitivo! With our basket in hands and back home, we had great pleasure to cook a nice and tasty dinner. I will definitely be back next spring for more colours and new shapes!

If you want to know more about their every day life and production, check their page (in French).

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