{recipe} winter red smoothie

March 2, 2015
red smoothie

My blender have never failed me: I have had it for more than 15 years now and it followed me in all the cities I lived in from Paris to Sydney and now London. I have been doing different kinds of smoothies of my own taste, always dairy free (as much as I love yogurt, I do not like to eat it in a liquid form and blend it with fruits) but never took the time to take style and photograph them. Last year I discovered green smoothies with the 7-day Vitamix challenge. I loved the variety especially in the summer and I haved tried to add some almond or oat milk to smoothen the “green” taste. I am still yet to convince my Mum and Grandma with the “green wave”!

Here is a first quick recipe of a smoothie I made during the weekend with seasonal ingredients to boost up your winter. Enjoy this cocktail full of vitamin C and antioxydants!

red smoothie

red smoothie

red smoothie


Makes approximately half a liter – 2 glasses.


1 carrot

4 blood oranges (2 in half – 2 squeezed)

2 small raw beetroots

1 banana

1 lime

a few branches of mint or coriander


Peel all the fruits except for the carrot. Cut all ingredients and put in blender. Blend a couple of minutes until you reach a smooth consistency. You can add more blood orange juice if you want something even more liquid.

red smoothie

Props: my good old blender with a glass jug by Krups / 1/4l juice jars by Weck / citrus juicer – unkown brand – found in a cooking ustensils shop in Berlin.



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