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{recipe} cheese soufflé – soufflé au fromage

March 30, 2015

The other week I stayed at my Mum’s for a few days to support her as my grandmother is not well. So to take a break from the hostipal visits, I made her cook for me a cheese soufflé whilst I styled and shot the different steps of the recipe. She took out her old cookbook (dating 1973!) to refresh her memory and then we went to the cheese monger at the market to get our fresh ingredients. We had a lot of fun despite the fact that we ended up with the wrong soufflé dish size (I found one with my friend Kim but too big!) and the soufflés did not raise enough – they tasted good though. So decided to make another once back home, reduced the quantities, adapted slightly the whites/yolks proportions and it worked as expected! Mum used to cook us soufflés all the time when we were kids with my brother. I had not eaten one in years. It felt a bit nostalgice to rediscover this traditional French dish. It is an easy recipe with not too many ingredients we often have in our cupboards. Plus if you want to add to it some flavour, you can chuck lots of things in like: cheese (any), ham, herbs, courgettes (zucchinis), tomatoes, peppers or make a sweet version of it with lemon, chocolate, red berries, rhum, vanilla, orange with grand marnier…etc. We ate our mini cheese soufflés with lamb’s lettuce and some baguette. The perfect light lunch or dinner! soufflés_typo soufflés_typo3 soufflés_typo5

Prep time: 15min – Cooking time: 20 to 22 min – 4 portions

soufflés_typo4 Ingredients – 50g flour / farine – 50g butter / beurre – 25cl milk / lait – 2 egg yolks / jaunes d’oeufs – 3 egg whites / blancs d’oeufs – 100g of grated cheese (here I used Comté) / fromage râpé (ici j’ai utilisé du Comté) – salt and pepper / sel et poivre – 1/2 tsp of nutmeg / une demie cuillère à café de noix de muscade moulue ou râpée

soufflés_dyptique 1 Method – melt the butter on medium heat and add spoon by spoon all the flour whilst stirring / faire fondre le beurre sur feu moyen et ajouter la farine cuillère après cuillère pour éviter de faire des grumeaux tout en remuant. – add the milk and keep stirring until you get a thick cream (Béchamel) / ajouter le lait et continuer de remuer jusqu’à ce que la crème épaississe. – then add the yolks one by one / ajouter les jaunes d’oeufs un à un. – add the cheese (or your other ingredient) / ajouter le fromage râpé ou l’ingrédient de votre choix. – remove the pan from the stove and the egg whites beaten until firm  / monter les blancs en neige et les ajouter en dernier à la crème hors du feu. – put in the oven preheated at 180°C/Th 6 for 20-22min / mettre au four préchuffé à 180°C/ Th 6 pendant 20/22 min. – served straight out of the oven as the soufflé falls down quite quickly! Servir directement à la sortie du four car le soufflé retombe rapidement! soufflés_dyptique3

Tips for a successful soufflé – the dish: round and straight borders could even be higher than wider / prendre un plat rond avec les bords droits et hauts, voire plus haut que large. – keep a ratio of yolks/whites of 4 to 6 or 2 to 3 depending on the size of your soufflé / garder un ratio jaunes/blancs d’oeufs de 4 pour 6 ou 2 pour 3 en fonction de la taille de votre soufflé. – grease the dish with butter and cover with flour evenly on the whole surface (there should not be anything stopping the dough to raise / beurrer uniformément votre plat et fariner sans laisser une aspérité qui pourrait empêcher au soufflé de monter. – fill the dish no more than 3/4 otherwise the soufflé will run over! Remplir le plat aux 3/4 sinon il y a risque de débordements! – select the heat from below button of your oven (no fan) – the oven needs to be pre-heated / sélectionner l’option cuisson par le bas (pas de chaleur tournante) – et le four doit être bien préchauffé. – never open the oven door before the cooking time is over (you can watch through the window and in doubt live it for another few minutes) / ne jamais ouvrir la porte du four avant la fin de la cuisson, si vous avez un doute surveiller à travers la vitre et laisser quelques minutes de plus. soufflés_typo7

Props: mini couloured dishes from Alinéa / white soufflé dish by Pillivuyt / 25cl glass jar by Weck / mini glass jar by Weck / handmade red vichy/gingham cotton napkin / other bits and bobs from my Mum’s kitchen! soufflés_typo2 Hope you enjoyed this recipe and will make plenty of nice ones. Next one for me will be the chocolate one! In the mean time show me yours!

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  • Reply this abundant life March 30, 2015 at 8:05 pm

    This recipe looks so impressive. Great photography as well. Thanks for sharing!

    • Reply Sandrine March 31, 2015 at 8:38 am

      Thank you! Honestly it is quite easy if respect the different steps. And what a effect on the table!

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